Eesar Co.

Was established in 1996. Since then we have strived to provide quality products,

exemplary customer service, and most of all an avenue for the Bahá'í Faith.

One of our chief means of conduct regarding faith is the attempt to spread the word of God,

and to look after our youth.

We have struggled to look beyond the principles of business and have turned toward the principles of faith.

In an attempt to convey the tenets of the  Bahá'í faith we have implemented ideas and thoughts which appeal

to the younger population, reasons being; they have the most power and potential.

We have faith in our methods, and we believe that pure intentions as well as pure conduct will lead to what we all desire the most, benefits for all. Kindly we request that all  Bahá'ís give us their feedback and ideas,

in accordance to  Bahá'í administration, in an attempt to better our business.

In His service,

Shahnaz and Dariosh